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Announcing the Winners of our Scholarship Competition

Created on Thu, 25/05/2017 - 16:11 by Mira Staff 

As many of you may know, we ran a competition recently where current and past Open2Study students had a chance to win 1 of 5 single undergraduate unit scholarships with our parent company, Open Universities Australia.

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who participated and helped make the competition a success! There were a lot of amazing entries, which made it incredibly difficult to narrow it down. But there could only be five winners.

Huge congratulations to Allan D, Bradley C, Kerin S, Nathan H and Wendy M, who each won a single-unit scholarship! Best of luck with this next chapter of your study journey!

How did we choose the winners?

A panel of judges assessed the responses, with name and other personal details hidden, and selected the winners based on how well they exemplified the entry requirements.


Nice for the alumni team..this is encouraging and we feeling like we in a family.congratulation to the Admin

Well done Allan D, Bradley C, Kerin S, Nathan H and Wendy M and I extend my heartiest congratulations to all 5 of you, good luck in all your higher future studies.

Wow! I missed the scholarship competition. When is the next one and how do I get the information it? Thank you.

I woudl like to congratulate the winners for winning this wonderfull competition and that they should always keep on hiting the targets. Congratulation guys!!!

I'm very happy to be competitor on this scholarship
May names isra saed i'm single
I live in somalia
Somalia there is no good universities because it's poor country
So i like to learn the good university to reach my goals
I hope to help me
If you saw me the right person
Thank you very much

open university rocks, and it gives skills and knowledge to the world, glad to be a part of it

I really missed this competition. But I was not notified in my e-mail. Though, congratulations to the winners.

this is unique chance of learning a subject of your choice which may help you succeed your career thank you to those who simplified these online courses.

Yes i love this university thank u to the whole staff of faculty for teaching and guiding us we love you so much

Well! It was great to study Mobile robotics, I learnt alot of stuff that am sure to apply them on my projects. thanks be to the organizers, and everyone who played part.

Congratulation to the 5 lucky guys. I also wishing for getting these types of opportunities. Wishing you all for further success.


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