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Behind the scenes with Csilla

Created on Fri, 07/03/2014 - 14:28 by Csilla Csonvay 

We're often asked what goes on behind the scenes at Open2Study. We asked director Csilla Csongvay to make use of her phone's camera while filming Marine and Antarctic Science and give us a sneak peak what happens behind the screen.

Scott sets up the gear, ready for filming

Camera Operator Scott sets up the gear, ready for a day's filming.

Craig studies the script

Presenter Craig studies the script...

Jess rehearses

...while Jess rehearses.

Lollies are studio essentials

(Studio essentials.)

The acrylic screen waits in quiet anticipation.

The acrylic screen waits in quiet anticipation.

Jess takes her place

Jess takes her place, and filming begins.

Scott cleans the screen between takes.

Scott cleans the screen between takes. He's very fastidious when it comes to his acrylic screen.

Craig in action

Craig has a turn...

Craig draws on the acrylic screen during filming

...and all is recorded, ready to be flipped in post-production.

Scott does a bit more cleaning

Scott does a bit more cleaning, while Jess rehearses for the new day's filming.

Behind the hide

Given that Scott spends his whole day 'behind the hide', in a tiny space in the dark, we're not surprised he likes to get out and clean sometimes.

Csilla's director's nook, behind the hide.

Csilla's director's nook, with a screen for easy viewing and well within reach of the presenter.

Jess gets in on the cleaning action

At the end of recording, Jess gets involved in the cleaning. Then the screen returns to its quiet patience, waiting for a new day's filming to begin.




Thank you! It's important to us that you get the best material possible, even if there's no charge.

They're pretty amazing, but there's a bit of technical wizardry in there as well.

You can read more about the amazing perspex screen trick in 'The secret of the left handed presenters' (just click the link in the menu to your right)

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