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Care in the Community: making the most of Google+

Created on Fri, 24/01/2014 - 14:48 by Jennifer Piper 

With the launch of our new course, The Art of Photography, more Open2Study students are heading over to Google+ to share their view of the world and connect with other students.

Students love connecting with Google Plus Communtiy

Image via Flickr

But how do you make the most of your Google+ experience? How do you even find the community? And how, on earth, do you share a photo?

Get Googled

First things first, make sure you have a Google account set up. To set up an account with Google, just head over to Google.com (or whatever is your local domain) and follow the instructions to set up your account.

Create your Google Plus account and share ideas

Now that that’s done, you can join the Open2Study Google+ Community.

Get that community feeling

Once you’re logged in to Google, joining the community is as easy as heading to the front page and clicking the ‘Join Community’ button.

Join the Google Plus Community and share your photos

While you’re there, you can use the search function to find other communities that you might be interested in. There’s everything from Doctor Who to home remedies.

When you’re in the community, you can post your content directly, by clicking into the text box, typing what you like and then adding a link, a photo, or a video.

You can upload photos, videos, links and text to Google Plus Communities

We recommend including the hashtag for your course, to make it easy for your classmates to identify you and your content.

Using hashtags makes your Google Plus content easier to search

You can even organise an event via the community, like a Google Hangout, to connect ‘live’ with your classmates.

Show your support

The whole point of the G+ Community is to connect and interact with your classmates and colleagues. Underneath each post, you’ll see a little +1 box. Click on that to show that you agree with the post or find it interesting.

Comment on and plus one other posts in google plus community

To share your thoughts, just click into the text box (you’ll see ‘Add a comment’) and start typing. To confirm your content, just hit share.

Post from your page

You don’t have to enter the community to post your content. You can simply do so from your Google+ homepage. All you need to do is type into the text box, add your content and use the drop-down menu to choose where to share it.

Share content from your home page to the google plus community

Choose the Google Plus Community that you want to share your photos to

When you choose Open2Study, a second menu appears. From here you can choose the area of study your content is related to.

Choose which part of the Google Plus Community to share your photo to

Remember that when you post to the community, you will also need to choose not to post anywhere else.

Pop back and check on things

It’s our hope that the Google+ Community will give students the opportunity to stay connected with people, from around the world, who share common interests. Even after your course ends, you can stay connected and share your thoughts. Better yet, you can connect with students from past and future courses, so you get to absorb the enthusiasm of more people than ever before!

See you in the community.


We'd love to have you with us! Just follow the links and introduce yourself, then join in the conversation.

Just tried to add the free black and white presets listed in Module 1 #02sphoto to my effects in lightroom and it is telling me the files are not supported. I have unzipped them but they are not opening. Any suggestions please?

Hi, I'm Kay, a mature-aged student from Townsville in Queensland, Australia, I'm not in a group yet, but would like to be contacted by someone with space for 1 more.

Hi Kay,
Great to have you with us! You can find a group by connecting with your classmates, either in the classrom forum or on the Google+ Community. You can find a link to the community in your classroom.
Hope that helps,

Hi Kay,
Brit and I are happy to be in a group with you. We are both from Melbourne in Victoria.
3 Aussies working together. We will see if we can get a few more people to join us.

Hi Kay, I'm from Tasmania - I'm still trying to navigate my around these groups and pages, etc too.. So, if you've had any success - please let me know :-)

Hello everyone! I'm new in the community. I hope enjoy and learn a lot with the course.

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A bit of a late start. First time into this type of learning - and Google+ (and communities) is a whole new ballgame. :>)) Still its all good in the long term - now to join a group? mmm - how do I get there

Hello Everyone,
Happy to be taking this course. Looking forward to learning a lot. Now if I could only figure out how to join a group.

Hi all, My name is Sally, I am a Freelance Graphic Designer, I have joined the community but not sure how to join a Google photography group, can anyone help?

Hi, I'm Anita. I live in Sydney. I need to join a group please. Does anyone have any space left please? I'm new to Google Groups so it's taken me a while to work out. Thanks. #O2SPhoto

I am setting up a group. You are welcome to join.

the problem is that the system here won't allow me to post the web address. Send me a message and I'll see what I can do. Im still finding the system rather confusing

My page does not have a "Join Community" button. Since I have wasted so much time trying to join, etc. I will just forego this part of the course, and concentrate on learning about photography

My posts only show in Google+ O2S community page when I am logged into my Google account?

Any ideas why?



When I click on the link in the first paragraph ("as heading to the front page and clicking"), I get a 403 permission denied error: "We're sorry, but you do not have access to this document. That’s all we know."

It'd be cool if participants would post their set-up for each photo i.e., f-stop, shutter speed, iso; that would give others a very good idea of how each picture was made.

Hi, a little late but I've still got a last minute opportunity.Best up to now as a very good first impression. I'll do my best to make the first module in time and take more time for the following.
I went through some of your info and the first try out with the OUA taught me a lot. Many thanks

Hi, I'm Willy R. a retired vocational high school teacher. I've been struggling with photography for a while. The Open2study gave me motivation to continue.

Photography is what unity the world, be proud you are an agent of change. #kings media entertainment.#jacobson

Hi All,
Im starting this course in the hope of learning a thing or 2. I havent studied anything for more years than I can remember. I just hope I can keep up.

Hi guys Ive joined but for me it's bit difficult as I live in China and google is forbidden ... I use vpn but it doesn't always work...

Hello everyone.
I'm looking forward to learning the electronic age of photography. I'm feeling somewhat apprehensive, never been in a public forum before.

hi everyone i am a full time mum and i love takeing photes off my children and things they do like shorts ect so i want to make the mose off it as i can and learn new things as i go along so i am open for as much info and help that i can get and when i can get it thank you

A while ago I had a G+ account but I didn't like it. After maintaining the account for a year or so, I closed the account. I am not going to activate it again. Why shall we use an external site for discussion?

google+ community #provides the honour to see and respond like a vigilant photographer and show the creativity to world.

Hi everyone- I am a late joiner (just found the class). I uploaded a couple pics from my farm. I am a newbie to photography and hope to become proficient enough to add some stunning photos to my website, etc. of beauty and frolicking I get to enjoy daily .....there are some hilarious antics I want to capture and share too.

I joined the Open2Study Google+ Community Page for the January 2018 Photography course. I submitted a photo only to find that someone had shared it to their own page with a disparaging comment on it, whilst not leaving any comment on the page for me to see. I am new to learning about this subject and found this less than constructive. I have since removed my shared photo (although I cannot remove it from the persons page). I appreciate how important it is to share but will not be using this facility, due to this experience. Just hope you can narrow membership to current course members or at least show how images can not be shared prior to commencing. The course itself is interesting and worthwhile.

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