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Congratulations Greg Downey! Being Human hero wins award

Created on Fri, 23/05/2014 - 14:00 by Macquarie University Faculty of Arts 

Associate Professor Greg Downey, head of the Department of Anthropology, was awarded theVice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence during the Autumn 2014 Graduation Ceremonies

Greg Downey presents Open2Study's course 'Becoming Human: Anthropology'

The Award recognises outstanding teachers who positively enhance students’ learning outcomes and experiences.

A/Prof Greg Downey is the creator of ‘Becoming Human: Anthropology’, Macquarie University’s first Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) as part of Open2Study. Through this MOOC, Downey strives to bring anthropology into the public eye. He also teaches in a wide variety of units, including Anth 151 – Human Evolution and Diversity.

Downey’s course designs have become models for many instructors. An example of this is the ‘Bringing the Learning Home’, an innovative and open curriculum he helped to create for improving study abroad.

In his application for the Award, Downey stated:

“My educational philosophy is that students learn best when they feel both inspiration and a sense of direction – when our own excitement, love of learning and care for them is coupled with a clear understanding of how their education matters, both for themselves and the world in which we live.”

Congratulations to A/Prof Greg Downey and to all the Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence award winners from other faculties.

You can download Greg's book, Becoming Human via iTunes and Smashwords.

Greg Downey accepts his Vice Chancellor award

This story was originally published by Macquarie University's Faculty of Arts.


Congratulations Greg. Becoming human Anthropology, was the first course I studied. Now I'm hooked. Thank you so much. You're a great teacher.

Congratulations, Greg. Thoroughly enjoyed your course. Made me very sorry I didn't peruse an Anthropology degree when I left school as I had wished. Has always been my passion.

Congratulations to Professor Downey. I was one of the students in his ‘Becoming Human: Anthropology’, course. I had enjoyed all way through. He's well deserved it.

Becoming Human was my first MOOC and Prof. Downey is a hard act to follow. He deserves all accolades. Wonderful instructor.

Congratulations to Prof. Greg Downey for the hard work of penning down your thoughts. The best thing one can do in the academic world is to create literature that people will use in making research to have insight in other field of thoughts.
keep up the good work!

Congratulations professor Greg downy on your well deserved award, anthropology was the first course I took, and not having studied for many years, I was a tad nervous about it, but you made it fun! I loved the course and you gave me the confidence to study other subjects, but anthropology will always be my favourite. I thank you for that.

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I only just finished Prof Downey's O2S course "Becoming Human Anthropology" last week. Loved his passion for sharing his knowledge, which came through to me very clearly in his tutorials.. Well deserving recipient, and congratulations to him, despite that this award I read, was given some two years ago in 2014.

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