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Effective Teamwork in 5 steps!

Created on Fri, 13/10/2017 - 12:01 by Peta Brady, Open2Study blog writer 

Working as a team is a great way to get things done and achieve common goals, yet establishing and maintaining an effective team can sometimes be a challenge. Working in a group of diverse humans with different personalities and backgrounds can quickly result in a dysfunctional group if you’re not careful, making it difficult to achieve anything at all.


Check out our top 5 tips for working effectively in a team.


1. Appoint a strong leader

A team without a leader is bound to go nowhere. In order to succeed, you need a leader who is comfortable with delegating tasks, and who can provide direction as needed. A good leader will put the needs of the team before the needs of the individual team members, and offer a boost of morale should things start to go off track.


2. Clarify goals, roles and responsibilities

It’s vital that everyone on the team is clear about why the team exists in the first place, and what their individual role is within the team. This needs to happen before any work commences, so you can avoid overlapping of tasks and clashes over authority. Once everyone is clear on the goals on the team and what they need to deliver, you can move forward with everyone on the same page.


3. Assign the right tasks to the right people

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to make sure you’ve got the right person working on the task that best suits their strengths as an individual. You can always make changes to allocated roles once work gets underway, if you feel that a particular task might have been better suited to another team member.


4. Encourage open and honest communication

Teams who communicate openly and honestly stand a much better chance of success, as all members have the opportunity to express their ideas and discuss any challenges. Innovation is also much more likely to occur when everyone isfree to be creative and explore alternate options, which in turn increases team morale.


5. Be supportive of your teammates

A team in which all members are operating individually and not supporting each other is unlikely to achieve the common goals as laid out at the beginning of the project. It’s important that all members are focused on the end goal, and are able to ask for help when needed. There is no point in one team member completing all of their tasks when others are falling behind – the key to success is to support one another, and to be willing to lend a hand to ensure the project is completed.

Peta BradyThis post is by Open2Study's blog writer, Peta Brady.

Peta Brady is a freelance copywriter, editor, social media enthusiast, and general grammar pest. She loves writing scribbles and correcting errors, as well as changing her hair colour every five minutes and eating all the foods in Melbourne.

Contact Peta at www.theword.bird.com.au or on Instagram @thewordbird_.


Motivation is accelerating team by applauding their small accomplishments and being a catalyst enjoying the desired change.

Innovation is a creation by passion and hunger to desire for more, creating design to achieve the goals and set a trend of examples for others to follow.

Being a retired military member, of two different branches, I've seen a lot of these concepts in action. Be it in a military manoeuvre, or battle command mmeetings, the concepts makes the goals happen. Thanks.

A saying goes thus; if you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far, go with others. This saying shows how relevant teamwork is and how it can be of help in building one another. Teamwork gives one a greater view of unity so as to stand firm as a result of teaming together for that greater bond towards standing tall and out and also to be a force to reckon with.

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