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Getting the most out of your studies

Created on Fri, 20/09/2013 - 15:35 by Kiran Dhot 

So you’re a student with Open2Study and you’re studying online. What we already know about you therefore is that you’re self-motivated, responsible and committed to your course of study. Good for you - these are essential characteristics that will serve you well across all your endeavours.

Make time

Be timely
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What else do you need to do well with online studies? Making time to go through the content of your subject is pretty important and it’s a good idea to set aside 2-4 hours each week to do that. There are videos to watch, pop-quizzes to do, assessment questions to think through, and further reading resources that you may want to look at, too.

Make it social

Be social
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Open2Study gives you the opportunity to participate in a highly social learning environment with other students. So unless you know that you work better on your own, why not collaborate, cooperate, communicate and make the most of your like-minded online community? By interacting with other students, you’ll be developing important skills such as critical thinking and self-reflection. Along the way, you may also make some useful contacts for the future or some new friends.

Make it questionable

Question everything
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No, I don’t mean make it dubious – ask questions! Turn to your classmates if you get stuck or encounter difficulties. You can use the online forums or join/form a study group with so you can bounce questions off each other. And if you prefer some guidance from a professional, don’t forget to ask your online learning facilitator who’ll be happy to give you some study tips or help with administrative issues.

It’s also useful to work out when you’re at your learning peak throughout the day. Are you a morning person who wakes up ready to go, or do you do your best thinking later in the afternoon? Schedule in your study time for when you’re most focused and productive so that you can get the best out of your study efforts. And once you’ve reached a study goal, reward yourself for the hard work and time you’ve invested.

Freddo Frog, anyone?


Thanks Kiran. Need to stay motivated anx on course. As I have already learnt that unavailability of utube and electricity is my constant companion in pakistan. Despite this i am giving it a go. Maybe course readings could have been uploaded in advance of the course kick of date.

Study the subjects that really strikes your curiosity....believe me you will be motivated and want to know more ...

I am so grateful for this opportunity. I have been operating a early childhood education program for the past three years. This course will help me to provide adequate training for my teachers and caregivers.

I am excited to do this course. I want to transforms adult in Liberia by providing quality education for them.

ACE did magnificent article mr.kiren...no fliping pages ..no stressing of motor nerves..modern education system modernise the learning pattern..Indeed its faster smarter ..open2 study absolute uniqueness with savvy features..every frame of vedio coaching deeply get seated in sub conscious and conscious mind...in nut shell I can say SWIFT COURSE

I am looking forward to gain skills thus improving my career n business as a whole. My timezone is GMT+3. And i see yours is GMT +11. What will happen now?

As I can become easily distracted at home I find that making a timetable for myself, just like what I would have if studying in person really helps to keep me on track.

i am very happy to share this cours with such people in fact it is my first time to have such kind of stadies hope that i can learn well.
have a good day to every one.

Am so interesting on learning and discovering things online .
Keep on studing " education has no end".

its really good ...we will be having a knowledge with this kind of courses...we can also use this knowledge to improve ourself in this field..

Am so much grateful to be the part of this learning, It's my first time to begin and its' greatly inspires me. Thanks Mr. Kiran, hope I will enjoy the most.

Thanks you Mr. Kiran, Am so grateful to be the part of this learning. It's my first time to begin and it greatly motivate me for the reason that, it expand my knowledge and boast my skills. hope I will enjoy the most.

Indeed important suggestions one need to follow to make the learning more enthusiastic and active. Looking forward a wonderful course time.

Hi guys! I´m Marie from Guatemala, if you don´t where is it, let me tell you that is in Central America. I hope this gonna be a wonderful course that will let me learn much more about Human Resources, but must of all how to keep the personnel in the institution. This is a great opportunity and I am so grateful for that. Regards and good luck in this amazing adventure.

i believe there should be a way students can download the videos so that they can have access to them and make reference anytime. that would help a lot.

Hi! I'm new to online study courses but i'm looking forward to learn as much as i can. I appreciate the opportunity.

Thanks for the great article, this is my first attempt at studying long distance, I 've chosen a course that really interests me and that I am hoping will also help me in my daily life. My only concern is that there are no reading materials provided early. Also, I will be in hospital when the course starts so will be playing catch up on the first module. I'd love to talk to anyone who can help me with any info on whether this is possible, I sure hope it is. But I will certainly take on board all the information in this blog, thanks again.

I am very greateful to have this opportunity to study on line.It helps to re evaluate how we approach certain matters.It stirrs up our critical thinking,gives new ideas ,and this on line study programme is layed out very well and easy accessible.I do believe any course you take will be very beneficial.Our kindergarten team did the early years course in groups and they got a lot out of it.....as education is much different in Asia than in western countries.GOD bless you

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