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Half a million enrolments? Thank you!

Created on Thu, 04/09/2014 - 14:22 by Jennifer Piper 

The mood around the Open Univeristies Australia office is pretty happy this week, as we celebrate our 500,000th Open2Study enrolment. We couldn't be happier, or more grateful, to have you all with us as we provide free, online education for lifelong learners around the world.

Penguins love study, and open2study loves penguins

There's so many of you, and we love every single one - Image via Flickr

This is just 18 months after we opened for business as part of the Open Universities Australia family. Our Executive General Manager Jose Herrera Perea says the speed of growth showed the astonishing global uptake of free courses and recreational learning.

'We were celebrating our first birthday just a few months ago in March so we are staggered to be passing half a million enrolments already,' he says. iThe MOOCs movement is all about allowing people to indulge their natural curiosity and learn new things just for the sheer mind-expanding joy of it.'

While we're most definitely an Australian platform, we are thrilled to have a range of international providers, and to welcome more than three quarters of our students from around the world. Did you know that only 21.6% of our current students are based in Australia? The rest come from every corner of the earth, including China, India, USA, UK and Egypt.

We're reaching for the stars with Open2Study

We're reaching for the stars! - Image via Flickr

Jose says there are a couple of reasons for the astonishing success of the Open2Study MOOCs offering.

'We take a strongly student-centric approach in everything we do and the fruit of that is high student loyalty and participation – meaning once students have experienced a course with us, they tend to come back again and again, he says. 'We also work in close collaboration with our partner educators and providers to build each course and ensure it offers a high quality education experience.

'And because we have access to enormous amounts of data from Open2Study, we can take information about how students respond and learn in the online environment, and apply that knowledge to help us improve the learning experience for students across the board.'

So, thank you. Every one of you. This milestone is yours as much as it is ours.

Dancing and celebrating our 500K with Open2Study

Now, everybody dance and celebrate! - Image via Flickr


I thank you for enrolling me to be part of OUA. May almighty God bless you abundantly.I like your campus much more. Thanks in advance.

Thanks so much for your wonderful courses.
I enjoyed the child development course I took very much. A good refresher, but I learned new information and applied it to my classes.
I look forward to taking more courses soon!
Thanks again and blessings to you all.

That's great, Sue! We love to hear of students expanding their knowledge with our courses. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for giving the opportunity to all of us on this earth to study on Open2Study.I was very pleased with the course I just finished and allready signed in for more courses.Very interesting topics and good professors.

So pleased to hear you're enjoying your Open2Study experience, marian. See you back in the classroom soon!

Where are the courses in IT-Computer Science ?
The computer game industry turns over more income than the film industry and is a major part of economies. It is not represented. The one excellent course offered at Swiburne seems to have been dropped.
Penguins are cute but dont represent my aspirations and are thretened species under govenment policy on climate change

Hi John,
When we pick images to include with the blog posts, we usually choose something that echoes the content, but is not a literal representation. In this instance, we thought of animals that come in large groups and penguins were, by far, our favourites.
As for IT and Computer Science courses, we have Concepts in Games Development and Mobile Robotics. You might also have a look at some of the offerings from our parent organisation, Open Universities Australia.
Hope that helps,

Congratulations to Open 2Study. The courses offered are marvellous. I have done 2 so far - Climate Change and Art. Both were excellent.

Please pass on my congratulations to Prof Lesley Hughes; she is a splendid lecturer, and as a teacher I am hard to please!

Thank you for the high quality classes that you provide through the Open2Study platform. I am on my second course, and I already feel that I have learned a lot from the instructors here. I like the fact that the lectures all have the same format, even the same intro.

I'm really looking forward to more subjects offered through your platform.

Thanks a lot to everybody. Keep up the great work. May god bless you. You deserved the appreciation from us as student. It's interesting. I enjoyed it and earned the knowledge as well.

Thank you. May god bless you. You deserve the appreciation from us as a student. I feel it's interesting and I enjoy it. I hope you continue this great effort. I would like to takes more of your free online courses in future.

Thanks a lot. Very interesting topics. Well delivered. Great work. Wished if you could include more courses related to Computer Science.

Thank you so much for allowing me to take this wonderful course of Intro to Nursing. I wish we had more courses such as this one in the States.

Its so great to be a part of this family. I currently enrolled for two short courses but i want to enrol for a proper masters programe. I am a citizen of Nigeria and i also live there. Can you profer any suggestion on how i can go about this, in terms of registration, cost of tuition, accommodation, etc.

Thank you

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