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Hate your job? Here's how to spice things up!

Created on Wed, 30/07/2014 - 14:10 by Swati Kumar 

Are you bored in your job? Ready for that promotion or just a new project? Ever since MOOCs, online video tutorials, and other digital learning resources have become commonplace, your learning ability is no longer constrained by overpriced tuition or lack of availability during class times.

finding it hard to concentrate? maybe a new job is in order

Low prices (at Open2Study it's absolutely free) optimised for the internet make education available to anyone. If you are ready for something new in your job, consider turning TV time into class time.  Here are some online classes that can help you add to your career.

Marketing to Web Design

Class: User Experience for the Web

In the age of digital marketing, it is becoming more and more important to understand how to handle an audience online. Figuring out how to best design the company’s webpage (or your personal website) and retain visitors can be integral to converting said visitors into consumers.

Generally, marketing strategy is handled by one person in a company while user experience (UX) is handled by another, more technical, person. If you are currently a marketing professional and want a way into your firm’s next big internet marketing campaign, taking a UX class and learning the basics (including jargon and design principles) would be a great way to earn a kudos from your supervisor and help you hit the ground running when you’ve actually bagged the project.

Social Media to Blogging

Class:  Writing for the Web

Social media and blogging really go hand-in-hand in terms of how the company is represented on the Internet. A Social Media Manager who can also write longer pieces specifically for a web audience can also serve as a curator for their company’s original and acquired content. More responsibility generally means more opportunity for growth, so this one is definitely worth checking out.

Writing for the Web is great to learn for any professional, though, as blogging and office communication becomes more and more important. A class on writing for the web would be an easy way to stay a step ahead of the crowd, regardless of your profession.

Any Discipline to Management

Classes: Management for a Competitive Edge, Diagnosing the Financial Health of a Business, Leadership: Identity, Influence, and Power

No matter which position you are in now, there is always room to grow (unless you are CEO, in which case there is always room to become a better leader). These classes will help to hone your leadership and management skills. Once you have finished them and started implementing your new skills within your team, you will have begun training for that inevitable promotion and be well on your way to becoming the best-loved supervisor in your company.

When trying to become a better manager, it pays to take not only leadership and team management courses, but also some (at least basic) finance and accounting ones. Ultimately, a company’s aim is to make money and the manager is in charge of organising and monitoring team progress well enough to make it happen. Having a background in money and transactions will make this job a whole lot easier and less stressful.

No matter where you are in your career, a manager will always appreciate seeing a desire for continuous improvement. The learning resources that are now available, online, for free make this not only possible, but also very easy. So spice your career up within weeks by indulging in a few MOOCs in your spare time!

swatiihelpheadshot.jpgSwati Kumar is a storyteller, tech enthusiast, and fervent autodidact with a lot of passion for learning cool stuff, and learning how to learn cool stuff. She loves startups, awesome new gadgets, and henna art. Contact her on Twitter at @Accredible and look for her on Accredible, the ultimate online learning hub.

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I loved reading this! When talking with employers, sometimes we forget to show off the skills we get from MOOCs. Not only do they add personal value to us, they can also make us more attractive in the workforce.

I completely agree with the first statement. My previous work was completely safe in the technical sense. We had a nice office full of light and healthy food, but the work was still poisonous. The staff was just ugly, the bosses treated us disrespectfully, there is a lot of work. But at first I liked it, and then I realized that it was too much. So korgda my health began to subside due to lack of sleep and stress, I just quit my job and started all over again. I worked with top5resumewriting.services to get the perfect resume and forget about that job, like a terrible dream.

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