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Have you seen a lantern yet?

Created on Thu, 19/12/2013 - 17:06 by Jennifer Piper 

Two weeks ago, we got super excited about our first Student Guides. Today, we’re just about ready to jump out of our skins as the Student Guides are handed their lanterns.

Student Guides are shining their lanterns, to light your way

Image via Flickr

From today, Student Guides can choose to endorse any forum comment that they believe is particularly noteworthy, to share their experience with newer students. If a comment has been endorsed, you'll see a lantern, shining the way. You can see how many Student Guides have endorsed the comment via the number in the little starburst that's in front of the lantern.

Brandon Foltz's approach to studying has been endorsed

Now, we know Student Guides aren’t part of the Social Learning Team, but we also know how important it is to share ideas and opinions with your classmates. This is why having some students, with a bit more experience in Open2Study, able to shine their light for others to follow is so important.

Keep an eye out in the forums for Student Guide lanterns, appearing soon.

Please note: Student Guides are not representatives of Open2Study.


After finishing my first, but not last, course I have come to see that being mature is not the end of the world.I now have the determination to expand my knowledge and open doors that I though were closed. When I showed my employer my certificate his expression was priceless. I now feel more secure in a job I have held for more than 10 years. I have shown my worth and will continue to do so due to Open2Study. I am proud to be a student. Thank you.

Just want to say Happy new year to all at Open2Study. I am most looking forward to my next course and the many I will attempt during 2015. As an old saying goes. Bring it On. Cheers.

I am loving the opportunity to pursue interests and knowledge through Open Study. This is my 3rd course and I am finding the navigation somewhat difficult at this stage - so I will be learning lots, and meeting people in the process. Hoping my photography will improve too! Thanks all!

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