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It's our birthday, but the cake is for you

Created on Mon, 24/03/2014 - 16:46 by Jennifer Piper 

On Friday, Open2Study celebrated its first birthday. In the year since we launched, we’ve welcomed almost 144 thousand students, from 217 countries to the family.

Cake is delicious

The difference

As we celebrated, we started to think about what it is that makes Open2Study different from other MOOC providers.  Jose Herrera-Perea, our fearless leader, says the term ‘MOOC’ isn’t totally appropriate to us. ‘For a start, the “Massive” element of MOOC isn’t a key driver for Open2Study,’ he says.  For us, says Jose, it’s all about the student experience.

Most MOOC providers create a platform and then make it available to providers to use on their own. For Open2Study, with a focus on student experience, it was really important that we be involved in the entire process of course development, including learning design, pre-production, filming, editing and then social learning facilitation. The idea is that we can be truly responsive to student enquiries and work to ensure that all content is fit for purpose, built specifically for the digital space.

Our courses are also designed to be fully self-contained. While many students make the decision to explore further study, we want to be able to satisfy the curiosity that we believe makes life interesting.

Why not, having looked up at the stars one evening, then enrol in a short course to learn more about what’s going on out there?

The numbers

The evidence from our first few student cohorts is that our students are more engaged, more satisfied and more likely to complete their courses than in any other MOOC provider. For example, about 25% of our students complete their course, compared to the MOOC industry average of about 7% – we’re pretty proud of that.

A survey of over 7 thousand students from our first two cohorts showed us that more than:

  • 97% were satisfied overall with their Open2Study experience
  • 97% agreed that the Open2Study website is easy to use
  • 98% would recommend Open2Study to their friends and family

This cake is for you

For us, these figures reflect the hard work and dedication of our education partners and the presenters representing them. It’s also, of course, an indication of the enthusiasm and appetite for learning that our students bring every time they log in. So, thank you. You’ve made our first birthday a really happy one.

We believe that the online classroom environment is the ultimate reflection of student-centric approach to development. Open2Study is the result of extensive – and continuing – research and we can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.


Congratulations Open 2 Study on your 1st birthday! I'm sure you will have many more, as your courses are great in concept and content. I have enjoyed your online courses and are still enjoying them. Keep up the good work you have started!

Happy Birthday Team! I am so grateful to you all for creating this extraordinarily valuable resource. I had dreamed of such things many years ago - but it seemed like easy access to excellent education was going to be kept hidden away despite having the technology to enable it. Bravo! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you, Lila! We love having students with your enthusiasm and dedication to further education. Keep it up! JP

Thank you. I really enjoyed the diversity of topics, very well researched,. open2study coursess are easy to follow and excellznt way of learning: flexible. the presentation is very accessible to second languag student,while using the loading script is very helpful

So pleased you're enjoying the courses, Catherine. Thanks for helping us make this thing work! JP

Thank you for giving me this opportunity - Yes because of Open 2 study I have change for the better . My hard work gave me good marks. Every assessment pass I file . This helps me to believe although I m 57 years old life is not over yet. Now I am building a dream for myself . I have overcome my insecurities ... my relationship with myself , my children and people are much better .I am still working on overcoming my fear for exams ..... and read each question about 5 times to see if I understand it correctly .... my 1st language is Afrikaans and my second language is English , which you can see have also improved by listening to the video s and reading the text. Thank You . May you go from strength to strength. Rivona

Rivona, you have touched us all with your story. We're so pleased to have played some small part in your journey. We're also really impressed with your persistence! Stick with it - we love having you with us. JP

All that remains for me is to give thanks for this great opportunity to continue my studies and best of virtually!

Happy birthday

Iam very happy to be one of your students. It a very good program,simple and informative .

great achievement and more progress in the future

good luck

You should introduce also diploma courses. The other online are just too expensive $3,900.00. Introduce scholarships so that even some of us can complete the diplomas.

Hi Jossy,
We specialise in large-scale, free, non-accredited courses. For diplomas, you could have a look at Open Training Institute, our sister organisation.

Happy birthday Open2Study. The instructors and the courses are wonderful. I enjoy the way each instructor brings their knowledge to the class, and their ability to reach and help train diversified groups of people.

Happy birthday! It is the first for me to join online course. Bravo!
As a student not in English language country, I suggest each course can offer some special terms
of that course in advance, then it is more convenient for us to study more.
Many thanks for all.
Ike Wang

Thanks for your feedback, and the birthday wishes! Look forward to seeing you in the classroom soon. JP

Oh my god one year has passed i remember the first day i started wow and i have learnt so much when are you putting more courses up!! happy birthday!

Thanks Fiona. We're so pleased you've gotten a lot out of the courses. We'll let you know as soon as we have new courses for you. JP

Happy Birthday to Open2study :D I'm new member in this year. I'm happy to be your family, I like what you are. I wish you grow up every year and make all member happy as me forever

happy birthday!!!I am very proud to one of you 。because of you I can learn much knowledge ,thank you! I am a high school student in china ,and I hope that you can do something in chinese,so I can understand more and further!

Best wishes for you !

It's been a great initiative and you've made so many people smarter, richer.I also have non English background and have been taking your courses since I have discover them in Jan this year, and I am so happy I did. Because of you I have now make up my mind on what I need to do with the rest of my life.Even though I'm in my forties, I believe it's never too late to start achieving your dreams. My dream was to complete a Degree, so now I'm in process of making my dream come true thanks to you. Happy birthday and congratulation on touching so many people.

Juliana, thank you so much for your lovely message, and for letting us know about your plans. Keep on with your dreams - you never know where they'll take you.

Happy Birthday, OPEN2STUDY!!!
May you continue to celebrate for many many more years and generations of students.
The Aussie Outback Kid

Hey, Aussie Outback Kid!
Thanks for the birthday love. We're so grateful for our wonderful students - you make this possible.


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