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Knowledge for Free: Negotiation & Conflict Resolution is a skill worth having!

Created on Tue, 14/11/2017 - 11:47 by Peta Brady, Open2Study blog writer 

Knowing how to handle yourself in a conflict situation isn’t always easy, and if you’re not careful things can become heated pretty quickly. Whether at school or in the workplace, maintaining a level of professionalism and coming to a resolution that works for everyone involved is key, and one of the best ways to achieve this is through negotiation.

But not everyone is a born negotiator, and that’s where we come in.

Open2Study’s free online Negotiation and Conflict Resolution course provides a solid foundation for successful negotiation tactics, and introduces you to a range of techniques for resolving everyday conflicts using a practical framework. Throughout the course you’ll learn how to navigate the different phases of conflict, apply communication strategies in a variety of situations, and explore the origins of human conflict. 

Requiring only 2‐4 hours of study per week, you’ll have the basics down in no time and be able to tackle common workplace and day‐to‐day life conflict situations with renewed confidence.

For more information and enrolments, head to our website: https://www.open2study.com/courses/negotiation‐and‐conflict‐resolution



Peta BradyThis post is by Open2Study's blog writer, Peta Brady.

Peta Brady is a freelance copywriter, editor, social media enthusiast, and general grammar pest. She loves writing scribbles and correcting errors, as well as changing her hair colour every five minutes and eating all the foods in Melbourne.

Contact Peta at www.theword.bird.com.au or on Instagram @thewordbird_.


If you were to tell me id be taking this course to be an outstanding employer years ago i would have laughed it off. I get it though some people just need a good talking to and others ..... well I'm taking this course to find that out.

I am interested because when I have a conflict I do not know how to resolve it so I allow it to build up inside. think this course will help me to learn how to resolve

I strongly agree that not all are born to be a negotiator but then since all human have traces of being violent when triggered and can flame up to satisfy the desired need at that point in time. My point is i strongly believe that we can also be negotiators by tolerance and avoidance when necessary.

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How many times inlife do we have conflicts with friends, families, acquiantances and collegues .Thiscourrse definitely is a good plus in our bags to even use the ressources to the highest level. How many times we think about the principle of our Mps and leader. This course broaden our understanding why conflictas occur and how they can be resolve at the lowest level .


Relating positive thinking too many people gives me a great understanding of positive outcome that leads the conversation to smooth positive aura. Negativity is not an option! Many here in Open2Study did comment is you attract negativity you might lead to argumentation, anxious or devastated comments.

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