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Technology in the classroom

Created on Thu, 13/02/2014 - 16:51 by Kiran Dhot 

To keep up with the challenging demands of digital-age society, it has become crucial for teachers to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest trends and emerging elearning technologies.

Online tools

Learning online has its advantages

Having the ability to use technology effectively in the classroom allows students to be more engaged in lessons.

Interactive online tools can fuel student’s curiosity, and foster inquiry-based learning. Wikis and open source software make it easy for students to ask questions, find answers, and help their classmates learn.

Google Maps

Google maps make exploring the world much easier

Free applications such as Google Maps even allow students to interact with the world without leaving their seat. They can not only explore landscapes and 3-D monuments but can also take an interactive tour of Mars, or view constellations and the movements of the planets.

Learning platforms

Learning platforms bring online learning and collaboration together

Software like Edmodo can help increase collaboration and interaction between students and teachers are. This software allows teachers to be the centre of a powerful connection network with students, administrators, parents and publishers. This platform can be used for discussion forums, quizzes, assessments and gamification. The enhanced security settings available with this software makes it safe for use, a relief for teachers who are hesitant with using other forms of social media.


YouTube and other online videos are great resources

Another good use of technology in the classroom is the use of YouTube videos especially for the teaching and learning of science. There are certain chemical reactions that are impossible to do within the constraints of a conventional school lab and hence through the use of YouTube videos which depict these experiments could incite student’s excitement in the subject.

Smart whiteboards

Use an interactive whiteboard to involve your students

SMART interactive Whiteboards are another piece of impressive classroom technology. Teachers are no longer confined to presenting information from a textbook. Learning about the human heart comes to life when teachers use the interactive software for biology and students get to interact with maths and manipulate formulae.

When students are invited to participate in interactive, technology-based learning, they take ownership of their educational process. It’s time to make the change from the traditional classroom – where teachers talk and students sit passively and listen – to one which sparks excitement about learning through technology.


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