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New features! Reviews and ratings on Open2Study

Created on Wed, 25/09/2013 - 09:37 by Cecilia Waters 

At Open2Study, the most important thing to us is you.

Let us know what you think of the courses you take.


Without students, we know that we have no reason to exist. This is why we’re always looking for ways to improve what we do and how we do it. Since we launched Open2Study earlier this year, we’ve introduced student communities and connections, one to one messaging and more visibility on your key dates for study.

One of the most important aspects of student interaction, for us, is your feedback. The more information we get from you about what you like, what you’d like to change and what you want for the future helps us plan, with improvement in mind. As well as our regular student surveys and the comments you make via forums and social media, we’ve always gathered your opinion on courses via ratings. Now we’re taking it one step further, with more detailed ratings and personalised reviews.

Ratings categories

The first change to our ratings system is the introduction of four categories. Rather than just getting an overview of whether or not you liked the course, we’re now able to target your needs precisely. We’re trying really hard to understand what you like and what needs improving. The questions floating around in our heads are:

  • Was it interesting?
  • Was it challenging?
  • Did it help you learn what you  wanted?
  • Did you know what you needed to do during the course?

We’ll take your ratings for each of these areas to create your overall star rating for the course. With this information, we can adapt our learning design to create a better product than ever before.

Four stars

We’ve decided to simplify things. Four stars means you can clearly rate something as good or bad rather than sit on the fence – isn’t that what the third star out of five usually means?

All of our existing ratings have been captured and converted to the new system.

Reviews and ratings give you an understanding of courses you consider


The big change is the introduction of a comments section. Now, as well as giving us feedback on the areas we’ve specified, you can let us know what you really feel – in your own words. The Open2Study team reviews each and every comment, so you know that your feedback is getting through to where it needs to be. We’ll combine these comments with your ratings, survey results and other feedback to form a really clear picture of where we stand.

Make yourself heard

So log in and write a review! You’ll be helping future students decide if a course is for them, and helping us to build even better courses for you in the future. The better we understand you, the better we can be.

Reviews and ratings help us make you happy
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Open2Study courses are an excellent way for people who, like I am, more or less housebound.
No age limit, ( I am 90 years of age) no qualifications needed, For me it has been an ideal way to expand my horizon and learn about subjects i was curious to know about. So far I have completed three courses, Astronomy, Anthropology and Basic Physics. Now I will take a break but I will be back next year to embark on another course.
Thank you all at O2S for have given me this opportunity and encouragement to study.

Hi Trudie, hope you have returned to Open2Study in 2014..you are an inspiration...I am 56 yrs old and have been very unwell, I am studying Food,Nutrition and your health..hoping I can gain something from this course..So far I have learnt so much about our bodies..
Kind Regards
from Australia.....

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The courses are absolutely fantastic, interesting and challenging but also very rewarding when you pass your final assessment. My only disappointment is the certificate, I intend to frame and display my certificate and it would be nice to put OPEN UNIVERSITY at the top and a larger logo for Tasmania university, a fancier font for the student's name, and finally sharper graphics for the seal and border, mine are barely visible. Thanks so much. Have already signed up for the next course

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