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New year, new courses

Created on Thu, 19/12/2013 - 16:52 by Open2Study 

With more than a dozen new courses now open for enrolment, it would be easy to get lost in the excitement. Here we have a run-through of the ten new courses, now open for enrolment, that start in January.

We're pretty excited about all of our new courses

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Mobile Robotics

free mobile robotics course

From the surface of Mars to your living room floor, mobile robots can be found in some surprising places. You’ll explore how and why. You’ll look at how robots move, how they sense the world around them and how they make decisions. Then you’ll put all this together and apply what you’ve learned to build our own mobile robot.

Emergency Management

free emergency management course

From our first international provider, Massey University, comes a course that will take you on a journey through contemporary risk-based emergency management. From the origins of risk management in the ancient world, to new hazards and risk management approaches of the industrial era, command and control models introduced in the Cold War era, to more contemporary ‘all-hazards’ and current ‘risk management’ approaches.

You’ll explore the rapidly growing and increasingly influential discipline through a study of real-world risk understanding, reduction, readiness, response and recovery examples.

World Music

free world music course

Become a cultural explorer in your own community by discovering music traditions outside the music you might be used to hearing.

Each module will build the your listening skills using the basic musical elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, texture and dynamics progressively. This is to aid you in listening and analysing the cultural music used in the course. Each module includes basic musical, cultural and ethnomusicological concepts.

Water in a thirsty world

free water in a thirsty world environment course

Follow water’s journey, from how it began to its availability today in light of global warming and urbanization.

You will examine the natural environment as it reaches threshold, and the impact that has for us, and the water supplies that we rely on.

You’ll look at examples from around the world, learn about a vast range of technologies like desalination, and understand what’s involved in sustainable thinking and decision-making. You’ll also explore the world of wastewater, and how its treatment is vital to the protection of health and the environment; and how wastewater can be recycled into pure drinking water.


free midwifery course for new parents and future nurses

See the scope of practice of the midwife and understand that the focus of midwifery care is the woman. If you are considering a career in midwifery or are a parent–to-be, this course will give you insight into the world of the midwife, pregnancy and childbirth.

You will explore the role of the midwife in working with women and their families during pregnancy, labour and birth and the time following birth, when the woman is supported in her new role as a mother.

Leadership: Identity, Influence and Power

free leadership course - learn about identity, influence and power

Explore the recent research in social psychology and business for practical guidelines and actions that will help you develop and sustain your leadership.

Understand why leadership is so popular a topic with a close examination of the “Romance of Leadership” – the myths of leadership and the tendency to misattribute organisational outcomes to great leadership. You’ll also look at the history and underpinnings of much leadership theorising to understand the ideas of power, authority and charisma.

Discover the dominant leadership theories and the need for a new approach to leadership. You’ll finish with the key skills and practices of leadership – skills and practices that you can learn and perfect. To help you with this, you will work on your own leadership development plan.

Indigenous Studies: Australia and New Zealand

free indigenous studies course maori australian aboriginal new zealand

Discover the distinctive stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia and Māori people in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Explore the arrival of both Māori and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and settlement in our lands, and their respective culture and societies. You’ll move through the period of colonisation for both peoples, from the first European claims of discovery and ownership to establishment of Colonial Governments, the frontier wars and the disruption to traditional societies and ways of life and the colonial containment practices that followed.

The Art of Photography

free photography course learn photo online

Learn about photography as a visual art practice, and how this can help you to become an engaging and active photographer. You’ll explore the work and concepts of contemporary photographic artists, which may trigger a new interest in what you photograph. 

You’ll also learn some of the practical skills required to further explore photography in exciting and creative ways. Finally, you’ll look at the idea of a ‘digital darkroom’ and explore ways that you can further your interest in photography through post-production knowledge and techniques.

Entrepreneurship and Family Business

free entrepreneurship and family business course

The course is divided into 4 modules, ‘Who is an Entrepreneur’, ‘Managing the Entrepreneurial Process’, 'Entrepreneurial Enterprises’ and ‘Family Business’. Each module is designed to explore and expand on key elements, assumptions and processes that are essential to the success of a business. Each module builds on the other, eventually painting an integrated picture of the commercial world, and highlighting the strategies that need to be applied to succeed in that world.

Mining Engineering

free mining engineering course

This course will provide an overview of the different phases involved in the mining process. From exploration, impact assessment, production and processing of ore, up to mine closure. Environmental and economic aspects will also be considered because they constitute important parts of the process as a whole. Emphasis will be placed on the key concerns of the mining engineer, the science behind rock behaviour as well as surface and underground mining operations. By the conclusion of this course, you will have a general understanding of the overall mining process.


Hi Ken,
The course opens next Monday, 13 January, and will run for four weeks. You can find out some more information via the course page, and you can read all about the new simulator we've built in our 'Learning photography without a camera' blog post from a few weeks ago.
See you in the #O2SPhoto classroom,

Hi Don,
To enrol in any course, just visit our Free Courses page http://bit.ly/17J14ur and follow the links. Our next round of courses are open for enrolment now, with classes starting on Monday 13 January.
See you in the classroom.

My new situation now I Prepare and ready for accountancy Exam start in January. I this month 10th go to the SRI LANKA face to the exam. So I can't study this month. But Exam finished again start my studies. Thank you so much for your assistant. Happy New Year all are welcome. Thank you again.

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