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Only the sky is the limit

Created on Mon, 12/08/2013 - 10:44 by Takis Diakoumis 

Life-long learning is all about finding new dimensions and expanding our horizons, and sometimes those horizons can exceed our expectations. Even those of us who work in the education field are not immune to the magic of new knowledge.

Options for learning

As Development Manager – Teaching and Learning Platform here at Open2Study, I play an active role in providing high quality education across myriad courses. From psychology to project management and anthropology to big data, we have a lot to offer and the options are constantly increasing. As it happens, I have both a professional and a personal interest in many of the courses we offer. So in the past few months, I have enrolled in some wildly different courses to quench my curiosity and delve into areas I might not normally have the time or means to explore.

Takis and the small ones explore the starsDiscovering the stars

One of my best experiences so far happened as I was working through our first astronomy module, Astronomy: Discovering the Universe. While using the astronomy simulator featured in the course, I was surprised and amazed by how simple exploring the universe can be. We’ve all looked up in wonder at the sky on a clear night, but to discover that with a relatively basic telescope I could potentially see the rings of Saturn or the stunning swirls of the Pinwheel Galaxy from my backyard was really exciting.

The sky is the limit

Now that I’ve discovered astronomy, the sky’s the limit in more ways than one. I’ve set up a simple amateur telescope in the backyard and am going beyond the classroom by doing a little practical work myself. Showing my young children stars that are not visible to the naked eye and sharing with them some of the wonders of the universe is a real bonus.

I’ve been thoroughly inspired to keep learning new things and feel more strongly than ever about the value of free and accessible education across different disciplines. Sharing new learning with my family and paying it forward is especially sweet. And if one of them decides to become an astronomer, I’m absolutely taking the credit.



I enrolled for this course in the upcoming intake because I love the format the Open2Study offers their courses in. It makes science subjects more accessible for folks such as myself, removing the intimidation factor often found in long lectures. Thanks again for delivering such a great service!

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