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Ready, Set, Study: Tips & Tricks for Starting University

Created on Tue, 06/03/2018 - 12:00 by Peta Brady, Open2Study blog writer 

Starting – or returning to – university is most definitely an exciting time for any student, but it can understandably also be a little daunting. In order to combat some of the anxiety that can arise at this time, it’s a good idea to be prepared for the work that lies ahead. Of course, preparation means different things to different people, so we’ve compiled some of the most effective ways to get yourself into a study frame of mind, before you actually hit the books.


Get organised:

By making sure you have everything ready for the semester ahead. Make a list of everything you need and ensure you tick everything off – include everything from pens and notepads, to course reading material and your laptop. The simple act of ticking things off a list will fill you with a sense of achievement before you’ve even kicked off your course!

Get social:

Most universities, whether online or on‐campus, will have some sort of social media community that you can join to meet and interact with other students. Making a few friends before you start is the perfect way to eliminate, or at least minimise, any social anxiety you may be feeling.

Get healthy:

When your brain and body are working in harmony, you’re bound to get better results. This means stocking up on healthy ‘brain foods’, and ensuring you get enough sleep and exercise. Check out our Student’s Guide to Healthy Eating for some brain‐powering tips, and our Quick & Easy Recipes for the Freezer for some simple meals to keep you focused for longer.

Get reading:

It’s likely that you’ll receive a course outline and some initial topics for reading prior to your course commencement, so why not get a head start? Having an idea of what’s coming up is a great way to alleviate stress and help you manage your workload going forward.

Get the mindset:

Whatever you can do to put yourself in a positive frame of mind before you start studying is worth doing. This can be any activity that makes you feel good! Try yoga, meditation, listening to music, reading, sports, cooking – really, whatever works for you! If you start the semester feeling happy, you’re more likely to end it that way as well.


Peta BradyThis post is by Open2Study's blog writer, Peta Brady.

Peta Brady is a freelance copywriter, editor, social media enthusiast, and grammar pest.

Contact Peta at www.theword.bird.com.au or on Instagram @thewordbird_.


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i love taking this short course on human resource because will enhance my career in the current filed that i am doing .

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This is really tricky. Its the first day, so you're unsure about so many things but secretly excited as well. Some things may take time and not particularly to be done on the first day itself.

1. Always sit on the second or third bench. At least I did that. That way, neither are stereotyped as a backbencher nor do you have to face the teacher's periling questions on the first day.

2. Don't fall into a group. Mix and talk to as many people as you can. If no one walks up to you, you can go and say, "Hi! I am ..........., can I know your name?" and then extend a meaningful conversation. Don't be shy, everyone would so take the initiative.

3. Explore the area and the classrooms. Find out more about the place, library building, and the campus. find out the hang out zones and popular eating joints.

4. Do not say no in case you are asked out or make some friends. Be open to new experiences but have the rational to understand what is good for you and which is not.

5. Take up a hobby and pursue it. Be it singing, lawn tennis, swimming or something else. Find someone who has the same hobbies or is ready to teach you. It would be really nice for you to pick up a new skill or hobby.

6. Of course, the basic and most important reason you are there is for studies. Make sure you get proper grades

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Thanks for this post! I’m a newbie - back at studying after having my kids. Looking forward to seeing more of your contributions.

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