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Stay in touch and set some goals with chat

Created on Fri, 01/11/2013 - 10:29 by Jennifer Piper 

With the new improvements to Open2Study.com, there are more ways than ever to find what you’re looking for and connect with your classmates.

Study success - winners are grinners 
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Study success

We’ve all heard that working with a friend and sharing your goals can increase your chances of success. It crops up in discussions about studying, fitness and a whole raft of other areas. There’s even talk about imaginary friends helping children become better problem solvers!

Well, we can’t help you out with making new imaginary friends, but we can make it easier to get connected and set your goals within Open2Study.

First, to the goal setting.

Coming soon

Coming soon - know what courses are around the corner

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We often have students asking what subjects are coming up, beyond the four weeks’ lead time we give you on new courses. Now, you can see upcoming courses up to two months before the first class begins, with a new ‘Coming Soon’ ribbon on the Free Courses page.

You’ll still need to wait a little longer for course trailers and detailed content descriptions to come along. This is because we don’t sit on our new courses before releasing them. We just don’t see the point in having great content sitting around gathering dust. While you’re planning to join us on a course, we’re still organising the final edits!

Search – for a course or a colleague

Search for friends and for courses
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You might have noticed the search field at the top of your screen when you visit Open2Study. Now, you can search a course, a provider or a presenter. If you’re logged in, you can even search for another student, making it easier than ever to connect with the people around you.

So, once you’ve found your new best friend or study buddy, you can also search for the sort of topics you’d like to tackle together next.

Work with a friend

Work with a friend to make study easier
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While we’re on the subject of connecting, we’ve also expanded your options for inviting friends to include your LinkedIn connections. This is on top of inviting friends via Facebook or email. Now there’s no excuse not to let your friends know about your study.

You can even share your goals via our social networks and see who else is interested in coming along for the ride.

Have a chat

Have a chat and share study ideas
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You’ve been able to send your friends messages for a while, but now you can connect with them and your classmates, in real time, with chat. When you log in, you’ll be able to see who is online from your classes, regardless of whether you have already connected with them or not. The only people in your class that you won’t see are those students with a private profile.

You can get in touch to chat about the topics being covered, follow up on something you’ve seen a student post in the forum, and maybe meet a new connection. With group chat, you can create your own virtual study group outside of the classroom forum, to delve deeper into favourite topics and explore your favourite tangents.

We hope that this new immediacy enhances your experience and encourages you to think further than before.

Connect with your friends and set your study goals
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So invite your friends to join you, make new friends to connect with, set some goals and stay open to study.

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