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Student Guide Interview: MOOCs Down Under

Created on Fri, 30/05/2014 - 16:55 by James Ratting 

James Ratting (or James R4 as he is better known at Open2Study) is a Student Guide from Germany. He’s also one of our most active students in the community and classroom forums.

James Ratting is an Open2Study student from Germany

James is one of those ‘lifelong learners’, for whom new knowledge seems to be the best motivator. ‘I like MOOCs and online learning, because it encourages me to want to learn even more new things,’ he says. ‘One additional benefit for me is that some of the business-related MOOCs help me to prepare for my final exam to achieve a job degree/certificate.

‘Some of my friends use online courses aside school, work, or to add something new to their CV.’

Like many people, James discovered online learning by chance. ‘I first read an article about this new thing, called MOOC, then started my first course at Coursera. I was eager to know what else was out there, and found Open2Study; I was hooked right away.’

For James, online education is all about accessibility. ‘The main benefit is that it is accessible virtually anywhere,’ he says, ‘and it is very flexible to study this way. A student can start a course at home, then go on vacation and continue to study at the beach or hotel.

‘I don’t have a specific study time. I study whenever I have spare time (which is great).’

And what is James’ big tip for anyone about to start an online course? ‘Just take one course first, and ask questions in the forum, in order to get a grasp on how things work.’


Hi Julie. Great to hear you find Open2Study flexible and accessible - it's what we're all about.

MOOC is Massive Open Online Course. So, a whole lot of students, all studying together online, with few or no barriers to entry.

The missing, but developing link is inter-student discussion other than by text. To seek other students views via a group linkage which enables like minded folk to have the equivalent of, say, video conferencing is in development. This is particularly the case where 7 or 8 (a manageable number) from different continents or well separated towns etc. want to argue/discuss/ask questions etc. Yes I know about What's Ap and other group contact methods but what about learning as a key focus !!!!!!

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