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We Won! 2013 eLearning Excellence Awards

Created on Fri, 15/11/2013 - 16:09 by Takis Diakoumis 

Last night, at the eLearning Excellence Awards, the Open2Study team was thrilled to win both the Higher Education and Community Learning Awards for 2013.

The team, with award
The Open2Study team, with one of our awards

A group of us attended the gala event, hoping to win but mostly just excited to be there. We were pretty thrilled when we were announced the winner of the Higher Education category. When we heard we had won the Community category, you might have knocked us over with not much more than a feather.

The thing about this award is that it really belongs to a large and diverse group of people and organisations. Of course, our parent organisation, Open Universities Australia, gets the lion’s share of the accolade (and rightly so, even if we do say so ourselves). But we got a lot of team players from around Victoria, Melbourne and Australia to make this thing happen.

Both eLearning Excellence Awards for Open2Study
Both of our awards, in pride of place on the table

One of our partners, Stamford Interactive, did a lot of the user experience design on this. One of the reasons it is such a success is the work around user experience, the work that Stamford did, which was fantastic.

What we really wanted to achieve with Open2Study was collaboration. The typical activity you get in an on-campus classroom is really difficult to replicate online and we saw the space to build this. We wanted to connect students with other students from across the globe. That’s why we’re constantly rolling out new features, like messaging, connections, chat and Student Guides. It’s also why we have such a strong focus on social learning and the Open2Study community.

We’ve started to build the community, and it’s growing. Our hope is that we can keep growing the community, enriching the student experience and breaking new ground in online education.

Takis Diakoumis accepts Open2Study's eLearning Excellence Award for Community
Takis Diakoumis accepts Open2Study's eLearning Excellence Award for Community

Judges' Comments

Higher Education

'A significant and exciting approach to the new world of MOOCs and working with partners to deploy open content using a structured deployment model. Platform and content is well designed, integrating learning, badging and social components. It provides a highly effective model and structure to design and deploy MOOCs.'


'Slick and stylish. Great concept and execution. The site encourages people to apply and removes barriers that may make people hesitant to try online learning. Well conceptualised and thought through, boasting a 95% satisfaction rating and a well-above above average completion rate. Importantly, it is a flexible platform for the delivery of online learning which will have many applications beyond those originally planned for.'

This is the first year that Open Universities Australia, Open2Study’s parent organisation, has entered the awards.


I find that Open2Study is the easiest of all the MOOC Providers (I have examined) to use. No adverts, clarity, wide range of opportunities etc. As a wrinkly (over 70 !!!!!!!!!!) I value easy interaction with fellow students. The Connection System is fine but relies on fingers and text (unless you have voice recognition software). I appreciate that there are developing and developed methods (Team Viewer is one possibility) and that different approaches to "video conferencing" will emerge when some bright eyed bushy tailed young whizz kid realises that they need more than the magic Texting !!! Come on my younger folks deliver unto me !!!!!!!

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