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Created on Thu, 27/06/2013 - 08:31 by Ren Atkins 


It’s been a wild ride since the very first Open2Study courses were offered just a couple of months ago, and a lot has happened in such a short time. We now offer 19 courses (and counting!), with over 30,000 enrolments from students in more than 100 different countries.

This is exciting stuff for us. But even more exciting than these numbers are the thousands of students who inspire us; students who have demonstrated a commitment to lifelong learning, taken charge of their own educational journey and supported one another in their courses. Seriously, you guys rock! We’ve been moved by the incredible stories people have shared about how Open2Study has made a difference in their lives, and we want to keep making Open2Study bigger and better so that as many people as possible can experience these benefits.

Our students have also been super generous with their feedback and ideas, letting us know what they love and what we can do to make things even better. The feedback keeps coming in, and we’ve been busily taking notes of the awesome ideas. We’ve already been able to act on a couple of great suggestions - like keeping enrolments open for longer, removing the weekly assessment deadlines and finding a better way to show assessment answers.

We were excited to hear lots of students asking us to make their study more social. We’re big believers in the idea that connecting with other students is a powerful way to learn, so we’ve come up with a couple of improvements that we think are a great start towards making the Open2Study experience more social. These new features have just gone live, so if you’re an Open2Study student then we’d love for you to check them out and let us know what you think.

Activity feed:

The new activity feed in My Study Centre is all about having a one-stop shop to help you keep up with course updates, notifications and friends. It brings everything you need to know into one spot, even if you’re studying more than one course. Course announcements, reminders, discussion posts, friend activity and more – it’s all right there.

Connecting with friends:

A lot of students told us they wanted to share the Open2Study love. You can now invite friends to join you in your studies, and can share updates to Facebook when you hit important milestones in your course.

New badges:

You might have noticed that the learning and community all-rounder badges have been lurking under wraps for the past couple of months. These badges have now been unveiled and are ready to add to your collection.

…And more! We’ve got plenty more planned for the rest of this year; including new ways to connect and interact with your classmates, new ways to test your knowledge and a refined and improved mobile experience. Plus lots of new courses that will be coming your way throughout 2013!

As always, hearing from you would make our day! Remember, you are an important part of the Open2Study community, so we want you to participate in the course and community forums, our Facebook and Twitter pages, and this blog.  And if you’re new to Open2Study and want to find out what we’re all about, the How it works page is a great place to start, or you could check out the courses we offer.

Thanks for being part of it all, and happy learning!



Hi, I have had an enormous amount of pleasure in completing the 3 subjects I have taken and passing all 3 of them. Plus I have just celebrated my 60 th birthday so there is still hope for us "the grey army". I am looking forward to beginning more subjects in the future. Thank you Peter.

Well done guys...It always is a good idea to try to do more fun the ways to interact with other student around the world. I am from Chile...and I would love to meet and exchange opinions with other people about particular subject....the best for you ¡¡¡¡...

awesome tool for anyone at any age. So user friendly and I love the flexibility...anywhere, anytime. Enjoying the adventure

Cant wait to get started and begin my journey of learning new and different things and meeting new friends all the best to everyone

Any one looking to create a career path or want to continue developing their learning, Open2Study is the place to get started.

I like to share my learning experience at Open2study and interested in contributing a post at open2study blog. Can I do this?

Learning through Open2study is an amazing experience. It gave me a new vision towards learning online. Great going!!

A friend told me about Open@study , leading me to enroll in my first course. I'm looking forward to starting and am enjoying earning a collection of badges.

Well its a graet adventure to me and i hope toreally enjoy and i am looking forword to meetnew people with different angles of observation which i hope will motivate to finish my courses and if possible enrole for other interesting ones

I'm looking forward to starting the Psychology course on the 8th of February and learning more about how the mind works. I hope I can also help fellow classmates if need be im here, just ask :)

Hi, I am sorry to say that I have received the first email regarding this course, 7 days before its completion. I hope to have more success next time.
Jenny Pieters

Hi, I'm SHER and I will be starting my first course the 29th. I am retired, I am 66 Years young and bored. so, I went online and found this web site and decided to give it a try. I am a Registered Medical Assistant & a Licensed Nursing Assistant. I am also a Lung Cancer Survivor times 2. I need to keep my mind active instead of watching tv all day. Being retired is no fun, It's Boring.

Hello, it is my pleasure to interact with students from all over around the world. Studying is my passion, and I am looking forward to take my career to the next level in Early Childhood Education Development.

Ana Pelayo.

It is awkward or me inexperienced yet. Even though I have filled in my profile and provided all public means of communication and have confirmed my mail and my participation in multiple ways, THE TWO BADGETS IN FIRST ROW STILL LACK (!!!) It is an opportunity to learn something more...

After finishing my first course on OPEN2STUDY this month, i've actually learned so much ! more than in a classroom setting, as described at the begining of the course, learning at your own pace! IT'S MORE ABSORBING!materials are easily accessible, moreover the mode of delivery of these subjects are very relevant & practical! Im now in the process of completing my second course & Ive grasped more concept of online learning on OPEN2STUDY. Thank you for creating this free learning space open2study! You guys rock!

Greeting's to all,
Just getting started with two courses:
Introduction to Nursing in HealthCare
Management for a Competitive Edge

Thank You, for creating this free learning space Open2Study.
Until further completion of courses.

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