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Who Teaches the Teachers?

Created on Fri, 07/02/2014 - 18:01 by Sophie Ivory 

Sophie Ivory is an Open2Study student and Indonesian language teacher. We got in touch recently, after she told us that one of her motivations was professional development.

Where do teachers find professional development?

We’ve read a bit about more teachers using social media, social learning and online resources for their professional development, and were curious. ‘I saw an advertisement [for Open2Study] on a train,’ Sophie says, ‘And looked it up when I got home.’

Always training

Teachers are always training

As a teacher, Sophie is expected to complete, ‘20 hours a year of professional development, not including meetings, and a professional learning plan.’ She says Education in a Changing World provided her with four hours of development that she could study whenever she had the time during the four weeks that it ran. ‘It provided me with a new look at education, as I had never thought of education through the perspective of a sociologist.’

Keeping flexible

This cat is as flexible as the learning through Open2Study

For Sophie, the main benefit of accessing professional development online is the flexibility. ‘I did some videos during school time, when I had planning periods, and the rest at home at night,’ she says. I probably looked at about three videos a day.

‘I didn’t really have a special place or time – just when I felt like it and had a free moment. I was happy I could sometimes get ahead with the course, as it made the rest of the course relaxing (as I wasn’t in a rush to get the assessments done).’

Get started

These guys are taking action

And what’s Sophie’s tip for someone about to start an online course? ‘Do it! There is no harm in signing up,’ she says.

‘Take some notes while you watch the videos and re-watch parts that you didn’t understand. Possibly try to get ahead if that is useful to you- you don’t have to wait for the next week to start if you are on a roll!’

Next for Sophie is, ‘Food, Nutrition and Your Health – I am doing this one as part of my personal wellbeing!’


I think the same as sophe although my English is very bad, I try to save as much as possible of course, shame that the certificate does not have value in credits, but the important thing is to learn to be a better profesional.

I was very happy and impressed to see that you were so well prepared for my needs :)) It almost made me move to Australia from the very first glance I took at your e-learning platform. Having Debra as my virtual teacher, now a very important person in my career I might say. She is there to remind me the basic steps I have to take now at the beginning of my career and I'm also glad to see that she and my real favorite teacher from Uni have so similar points of view and similar content.

Second of all, only the Universe could know how thrilled I was to see that you had my favorite hobby transformed into a whole course - the Universe. Although I read a lot of stuff on this topic, John managed to be there with me every time I felt like physics really got messed up in and with my brains.

I'm also taking (indirectly) the Chinese course with my best friend on Sunday mornings.

And so on. I'd really like to have more time for you, guys. Just because you are a unique example of best practices in this extremely large theoretical and practical area - the education. And it's online. And it's for everybody.


So pleased to hear that you're enjoying your time with Open2Study. Lifelong learning is what we're all about.

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