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You're Really Making the Grade!

Created on Fri, 12/07/2013 - 16:53 by Paresh Kevat 

The rumour is true – Open2Study students are blitzing the world of free online education with record numbers completing their subjects.

Unlike students from other platforms, about one in five Open2Study students are not only completing their subjects, they’re also passing.

Is this really a big deal? YES! Free online offerings from countries like the US, UK and Europe, where less than 9% of students complete subjects, are looking on as this Aussie innovator helps to keep you interested and engaged in study.

What makes your experience with us different? Well we’d love to hear what you think.

To us, it’s about giving you the best possible online education experience – and that’s irrespective of the fact that it’s free.

It’s about finding the right topics at the right level, creating short easy to digest videos and offering a classroom designed to give you everything you need at your fingertips.

Maybe it’s because you’re being taught by reputable instructors from leading universities, TAFEs and professional organisations – providing you with the knowledge that you’ve been after for your career, personal interest or because it’s a passion.

Whatever the reason, we know one thing for sure – you’ve got a strong commitment to learning and with Open2Study, you’re learning in a way that you like.

For those that have a head for numbers here’s an extra round up of the results we saw from students in Open2Study's first subjects:
•    23.6% of all students who enrolled got a grade of 60% or above and earned a Certificate of Achievement
•    Of the students who actually started their subject, 48.7% passed
•    4.7% of students achieved a grade of 100% (Wow - congrats!)

It’s still early days, and with almost 50 subject planned by the end of 2013 we know it will take a lot of effort to keep us on track. No matter what it’s our goal to continue improving online learning and help students to have the best possible experience.

Our focus for the rest of 2013 is to keep listening to your feedback and improving the Open2Study platform.

Keep an eye out over the coming weeks for lots of new features including new ways to connect and collaborate with other students.


This is an important opportunity to attain in life to study online. Because of the main reason is that education is costly and if I get such chance where I study at my own time, place, my own laptop online, that is great. This is a huge empowerment for disadvantage society like us South Africans because most of us we don't afford this kind of opportunity.

thank you so mach
i dont have monay to go to us or euroupe to study but this free way open to us the way to go forward
and i am looking for the certificate and i will proud with it

Hi, it's a great online program and I found it easy to enrol thanks for that. My regards to the manger.

congratulations to those people who are behind this program. because of this many people around the world specially here in the Philippines to learn more in more advanced countries like yours. education is now more accessible and easy to reach

True , I am very impressed with the course and with the on-line techniques PLUS assignments. Unlike exercises where a student can get by simply doing as directed, the assignments reveal the real learning. The assignments were where I discovered whether I truly understood the material. This course produces real learning.

I congratulate to entire team of #open2study

Hello Everyone.
Iam very much to God and really appreciate the force behind the glorious learning opportunity.I graduated July 17, 2011 from High school here in Liberia. Since that time I have not been able to enroll in any higher learning institution to read Management which has being my dream. But thank God Iam now reading Strategic Management online at Open2Study.

It's important for people to be able to learn at a steady rate and not pay a arm and a leg due to other life style costs eg rent,food,medication it all adds up in the end.

I am about to start my third set of Open 2 Study courses. I have found the subjects that I have completed to be very interesting and informative. Of course, I have discontinued a number of courses when I found that I was not finding them relevant, in practise, to my interests and previous
studies. That flexibility, to discontinue is a definite advantage, especially when compared to the arrangement in my initial career training.

Hi! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so I came to take a look. I'm definitely enjoying the information.


What I like about Open2Study is the kind of learning approach. Everything is organized and I can study in advanced before the next assessment period opens. I honestly cannot do that in other sites and I remember the time when I had to wait for a week before I can even explore the learning materials for that topic. In here, it's totally different and I had a great time learning. The platform is simple, easy-to-understand and accessible to almost all different kinds of learners.

It's really the best way of learning instead of being home doing nothing...people who are interested in studying and can't go further because of financial problems can't refer to this as I find it's the best way to achieve what your interested in...I really love this way of participating...As it's my first time of online test like this...I stil enjoyed and happy doing this ...looking forward to learn more...

This is a great way for me to get educated. I love that there are pop quizzes and assessments along the course that keep track of my learning.

Open 2 Study offers learning at student's own pace and one can schedule one's learning easily, moreover, the courses and assessments are so well structured that these sufficiently challenge the learner's learning.

I am finding that this is a great way of keeping my mind active, learning about the challenges of Finance. I love people and talking to people and also trying to make sure that I keep note to listen actively... is that possible, yes by nodding and showing I'm listening to what is being said.
I also want to learn more about finance in stocks and shares so as to help others cope in todays hard world eg. budgetting.

really amazing site.. I got all the topic that i always want to study but couldn't because of the lack of money and time... Thank you O2S group.

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